Tourist gradually increasing for Nepal trekking ,tours & Mountaineering

Tourist gradually increasing for Nepal trekking ,tours & Mountaineering

The movement of tourists and climbers are gradually increasing after the government resumed long-halted mountain climbing due to the Covid-19 pandemic since August end.  Government of Nepal has already announced that trekkers and mountaineers get on arrival visa for tourist with some its minimum requirements.

Good to let know all the foreigners travelers almost trekking trails and mountaineering zone of Nepal highly increasing the travelers while tiny requirements ( 72 hours PCR negative reports, Tourists fully vaccinated against Covid 19, with the second dose 14 days before the date of travel) . Also very easy to obtain their visa from relevant nation while Nepal trekking agency send the travelers trekking permit , Itinerary and  official documents. 3o.Sep

Trekking in Nepal Himalayas


Nepal is one of the exciting destination in the world where travelers may enjoy with various adventure trips such as trekking in Nepal Himalaya with eye catching Himalayan views, historical monuments sightseeing tour in Kathmandu and out of Kathmandu,  Mountaineering and peak climbing in Nepal Himalayas, thrilling river rafting in Nepal, wildlife safari tour, explore the beautiful lakes and short hiking , Bungy jumping ,  Mt. Everest mountain flight , cultural and religious tour etc.

Since Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgey successfully climbed Mt. Everest 29th May 1953, vastly increased for trekking in Nepal Himalaya and Nepal mountaineering adventure trips then Nepal recognized as Himalayan country. Nepal has eight above 8000m mountains among the 14 above 8000m mountains thus Himalayan expedition in Nepal involved thousand of tourist in a year and Mt. Everest 8848m ( the tallest mountain in the world) is one top !

Why not keep in your journeys in Nepal? Certainly travel to Nepal is an amazing life time experience with exciting merriments. Nepal – The landlocked country surrounding by high Himalayas and rocky hills and probably it is only one Himalayan country that you will never find such a various exciting adventures with in few weeks holidays in Nepal. For more details :-[email protected]  cell/ Whatapps :- 977- 9851007829 {Ram}