HJT Social Contribution

HJT Social Contribution

Nepal trekking company also do the social contribution to the nation. Nepal is one of the under developed country in the world because of its difficult geographical distribution, limited access to development, insufficient resources , overall lack of awareness among the people, uneducated thus Himalaya Journey Treks & Expedition, Nepal arrange the charity program for the elders , disabled, students , orphans in Nepal with specially focus on rural area which is really remote from developments. Our organization support in various matters for those people who are disable , elders, orphans, abnormal and street children , education for the poor children etc. we already support elders in pasupatinath ,kathmadu with funding and provided the meals for disabled/ elders and some aid in village school in kavre district from Himalaya Journey Treks & Expedition, German clients Mr. Florian Stoffels, Mr. Werner Klein, Mr. Berthold Meyer , Mrs. Anja Knoop & Ms. Kornelia Leucht.

Our organization and German clients Mr. Werner Klein Group + Mrs. Anja Knoop has been provided the meal and some aid for the Elder people in Pasupatinath 2007. Specially, we thank Mr. Werner Klein, Mr. Berthold Meyer Group and Mrs. Anja knoop from Germany for aid in Pasupatinath .we also add some financial support for feed the elders, buy the meals and other essentials in Pasupati Welfare centre. We have annual program to support the elders/ disable people in pasupatinath Nepal.

By supporting all of our valued clients from different nations, it encouraged us to support the poor people who are in really miserable condition Nepal. We are glad to inform all of our donors/ supports that some of our friends from Germany, USA ,Australia continue support annually for school children thus we also decided to support by providing the school uniform. Your small help make their bright future so if your friends are interested to do the social works to support the school children will be always highly appreciated

Normally, our organization and some donors /supporter decided to provide the annual aid in Pasupati welfare centre for feeding the meal, clothes and other essential things because of most of the elders people in pasupatinath come from those families who haven’t relatives, poor families and only few elders are not well take care of their families. Our organization make observation monthly in pasupatinath welfare centre to know all the activities / program with donors/supports or self to know the old people views while they staying at Pasupath welfare centre. It is great to let you know all of our donors /support till now well take care through all of your contributions.

We feed 240 elders people in Pasupathnath 2007 by supported of the Mr. Werner Klein, Mr. Berthold Meyer, Mrs.Anaja Germany and Himalaya Journey Treks & Expedition. It is really great contribution of our German friends + our company which make enough to feeding the elders people in pasupatinath, buy the foods as well as other essential things for elder people in Pasupatinath. Normally , we would like to perform all the donors/support , it will be far better if you buy some foods, clothes etc than provided the aid directly as cash. Our organization directly participated while we support/provide the aid for buying foods, fruits or clothing for the elder people in pasupatinath, Nepal.

Himalaya Journey Treks & Expedition and Donors /Supporters preparing the to feed , provide the meals as well as clothes for the elder people in Pasupatinath 2008 . Due the trekking season + business and some of our supports from USA friend has already sent the clothes for Elder people but still we are still waiting to grab it so we fixed the program for end of the November 2008. All of organization staff, pasupathnath welfare centre staff with some donors/supporters will directly participated to feed the old people in pasupatinath. Now , we didn’t insert all the program’s photo such as Elders feed in pasupatinath, Helping to school children, helping for disable, Helping for orphans in our home page but if you requested to have it just e-mail us :[email protected] than you will get all the photos from our company.

Himalaya Journey Treks & Expedition and some of our Donors /Supporters help for the school children in rural area kavre district. Mr. Johnson from USA had great support for school children education in various part of the Nepal. He has been helping since 1998 to till now for Nepal poor people’s children to provide the school fees, uniform , book and copies annually. Mr. Jonson and his friends support 15 school children in annual. Mr. Jonson has goal to provide the quality education 1 to 10 class who is deprive from school education. Similarly, our organization support some aid with above poor student to provide the pencil, tooth brush as well one pair of school uniform.

Now , our organization with some foreign donors/supports specially from Germany like to help really poor people from karve district . We would like to let you know in kavre district , Birta Deurali village development committee (VDC) ward no -7,9 Bholung and Ala Timreni , this is place more ethnic group such as kami(Iron smith), Damai (profession as swing /knitting the clothes for local people) , Maghhi ( the ethnic group for fishing) ,Tamang and pahari are really deprived from school education cause of the poor so great support of our friends from Germany announce to help partly but if some of supporter /donors would like to aid this miserable ethnic group will be uplift their life style and their children bright future. One of our Germany friend Mr. Florian Stoffls has supported to aid to make the school Tap in Bholung . We expect always:to help the school children for their bright future, elder people to safe their life, orphans people to protect their generation, street children to take in right path. Please if you are interested to help the poor people, elders, school children and street children always welcome in join Hand!! we make 5% social contribution of total benefit by paid our travelers for Nepal trekking or any package trip in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India tour.