Nepal - Visit in Nepal

Nepal travel is one of the most popular tourism activities  in Asia. Visit in Nepal for eye catching Himalayan views, multi cultural package trips, religious tour in Nepal,ethnic groups ,language,diversity, temple and monasteries.   Nepal is landlocked country and surrounding by High Himalayan zone. Among the 14 above 8000 m mountains 8 above 8000m mountains lies on Nepal Himalaya thus Nepal is recognized by Himalayan country (mountain country in the world).  Cultural diversity, multi ethnic groups , Multi religious without discrimination, Temples, monasteries, nomad lands , waterfalls 70m to up to 8848 m top of the world, birth place of Lord gautam Buddha, world highest lake, world deepest gorge, nice terrace fields , waterfalls , low land terai for jungle safari trip are the main tourist attractions of Nepal. 

Trekking in Nepal is one of the popular tourism activities in nation. Since Nepal trekking trails has been open Himalaya Journey Treks & Expedition has depth experience for arrange the adventure trekking trip in Nepal Himalaya. Nepal has three popular trekking region: Everest trekking, Annapurna trekking, langtang trekking and other trekking trail such as Kanchenjunga region trekking, Makalu region trekking, Manaslu region trekking, Ganesh Himal region trekking, Rolwaing region trekking, Panch pokhari trekking, Bhairab kunda trekking, around Dhaulagiri trekking, Mustang region trekking, Narphu valley trekking, sailung trekking etc. HJT operate all major trekking route and non touristy, eco trekking trail , restricted trekking route in Nepal also since our agency has been established, we explore the new trekking trail for our valued clients. Himalay Journey team always committed to trekking in a way that does no harm to the local environment. With camping groups we always carry kerosene, so that no local wood need to be used to cook our food. Naturally, to maintain our high standard, we have a dedicated team of Experienced staff, from the office managers who arrange your trip right down to the cooks that prepare your food! For trekkers with varied tastes, Nepal is the ultimate area.

You can trek up to the foot of the great Himalayan ranges, such as Mt. Everest, Langtang and Annapurna or make a circuit of the highest mountains. You can also get beyond the mountains in Tibet -like arid landscape with ancient culture such as upper Dolpa and Mustang. Nepal is a gateway to adventure in Tibet and Bhutan. The highest Himalayas including Mt. Everest and many other mighty mountains. Due to the best geographical distribution and variation in altitude, very rare species of flora and fauna are in habitant in this green land. A rich culture, different types of ethnic groups, Peculiar tradition, innocent and friendly people are the precious ornaments of this nation. So a person who steps on this land proudly says I am in the (Paradise of the Earth). The breathtaking landscapes, snow capped peaks, fantastic eye catching panoramic view attracts everyone to fall in love with its beauty.. Visit in Nepal for life time adventure trip!

Himalaya Journey Treks and Expedition is operating for exploration of Nepal such as Nepal treks , Hiking holidays, cultural tours, Peak climbing ,mountaineering & packages as per travelers choice & damand. Treks in Nepal is a truly amazing experience. From the warm and lush vegetation of the lower hills to the icy slopes of the highest mountainous range on earth, you will encounter some of the most stunning scenery and the most friendly people imaginable. It is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to relax and enjoy nature at its very best. So it is expecting for chance to serve our respected guests, Trekkers, Mountaineers, River runners, Wildlife enthusiasts, scholars or explorers. At this moment, we would like to inform all our guests and groups, that Himalaya journey Treks and Expedition has been providing the excellent service for the last 16 years.

Tours in Nepal is another most exciting tourism activities to explore the nation's history , culture and religious trip. Himalaya Journey Treks & expedition is Government registered trekking agency of Nepal with affiliated Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal ( TAAN), Nepal tourism board, Nepal Government , Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) , Kathmandu Environmental Education project (KEEP) , Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) etc. We inform all respected clients who has desire to visit in Nepal for Nepal Himalaya trekking , package adventure trip, Nepal Himalaya mountaineering through government registered trekking / travel agency in Nepal which make you safe and reliable journeys in your lifetime!

Nepal visit information Major factors

Official Name: Himalayan country of Nepal
Government: Republic of Nepal since 2007
Head of state: Prime Minister
Area: 147181 kmq
Inhabitants around 22 million, growth rate: up, 1 rupees = 100 paisa.
Heights: 70m - 8.848m to 8.872m
Capital: Katmandu (Apr. 400.000 inhabitants)
Income per person: 180 US$ per year

 Visit in Nepal major highlights 

* The Himalayan country lies on between India and China famous for Nepal trek package , Tour in Nepal and other adventure holidays.
* Nepal is landlock country and sourrouding by great himalayan trekking trails as well as famous trekking destination  such as Everest trekking, Annapurna trekking, Langtang trekking, Mustang trekking, Manaslu trekking, Kanchenjunga trekking trails.
* Visit in Nepal to explore the Low land terai to tallest mountain in the world Mount Everest 8848m and diffent national park such as Chitwan National park for Chitwan jungle safari tour, Bardia National park for Bardia Jungle safari tour, Sagarmatha National park for Everest trekking, Langtang National park for Langtang valley trekking.
* Rafting in Nepal is another thrilling adventure in Nepal for Himalayan white water rafting such as Trisuli river rafting, Bhote Koshi rafting, Trisuli rafting and Marshyangdi rafting.
* Bungee jumping in  Nepal, Paragliding in Nepal , Nepal pony trekking are other tourism activities of this country.