Nepal trekking

Nepal trekking

Nepal trekking is one of the most exciting adventure trip in the nation. Trekking in Nepal is not just reaching a destination however immersing yourself in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Himalayas, creating memories that will last a lifetime trip. Nepal treks is an unparalleled adventure, offering diverse landscapes, and breathtaking views of the Himalayas. Treks in Nepal Himalayas take travelers to high Himalayan base camp  with best mountains vistas and hiking through the conservation area and National park. Nepal trekking destinations discover the rugged terrain through the different ethnic groups settlements and lush valleys. We have long and short treks in Nepal  start from 1000 meters up to 5800 meters.

Tally as Himalayan country numerous trekking destinations in Nepal among them Mt. Everest trekking , Annapurna trekking , Langtang trekking , upper Mustang trek , Manaslu trekking , Kanchenjunga trekking and Dolpo trekking are most popular trekking packages in Nepal however we do have non touristy trekking trails, off the beaten path  and less trodden trekking zone too. Also we do have famous cultural package treks in Nepal such as  Langtang tamang Heritage trekking trail, Upper Mustang Tiji festival trek and Everest Mani Rimdu trek.We do have two different type of trekking in Nepal = tea house (lodge trek) and camping (tented trekking) and organize both trip packages in Nepal as per travelers demand. However now a days mostly trekkers prefer for Nepal lodge trekking as stand point of the tea house facilities and economic perspective.

Trekking in Nepal is major  adventure holiday package in Nepal.  More than 80% travelers visit in Nepal for trek and  rest of the travelers for Nepal tour packages. We do have 8 above 8000 meters mountains in Nepal among the 14 above eight thousand meters consequently Nepal trekking packages become most exciting trip. Nepal trek opened in 1950 s for the tourist even though from 1988 open almost Nepal trekking routes for the adventure seekers. Many trekking trails open after successfully climbed the high Himalayan mountains such as Mt. Everest base camp trek opened while climbed the Mount Everest similarly Annapurna base camp trek , Manaslu base camp trek , Kanchenjunga base camp trek , Makalu base camp trek  and Dhaulagiri base camp trek.

Nepal trekking packages categorized in ordinary  and restricted trails. Trekkers may apply permit themselves in normal route and controlled trekking destination required government registered pure local Nepal trekking companies to issue the special permits as well as mandatory to have a Nepal trekking guide.  Mustang region trekking, Manaslu region trekking , Kanchenjunga region trekking and Dolpo region trekking required special trekking permits. Nepal trek permit cost depend on the trekking trails USD 100 to USD 500 per person for 7 days and 10 days. Trekkers information management system ( TIMS permit) apply all Nepal treks destination. Nepal trekking holidays doable three days up to 35 days as per trekkers holiday frame and choice of the packages. Autumn and spring season are best time trekking tour in Nepal however possible do around the year . 

Winter trek in Nepal doable without Himalayan high passes and maximum height of 5500 meters from the sea level. If you are looking for Monsoon trekking in Nepal – Mustang, Manaslu and upper Dolpa trek are the best destination as it is rain shadow and less raining trekking trails of Nepal.  All Nepal trekking itineraries will create as per traveler’s holiday frame and Nepal trekking cost is depend on the choice of the packages and length of treks. We have 4686 trekking companies in Nepal among them only 1667m  trekking agencies are fully legal beside that illegal and semi legal companies so suggested travelers do treks in Nepal Himalaya through pure legal Nepal trekking agent for secured and remarkable trip even though suggested  trek in Nepal Himalayas through recommended by lonely planet travel guide book and rough guide travel guide book for really exciting and reliable trip in Nepal Himalayas. 

Nepal trekking Major Highlights 

  • Nepal trekking offer beautiful Himalayan views and rugged terrain Himalayan zone Hiking through National park and conservation areas , discover the Flora, Fauna , wild animals and beautiful settlements of different ethnic groups.
  • Nepal treks explore the Himalayan glaciers, Icefall, Himalayan high passes, beautiful lakes and natural hot springs.
  • Among the 48 trekking destinations in Nepal – Everest base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek , Mustang trek , Langtang valley trek , Manaslu base camp trek, Kanchenjunga trekking and Upper Dolpo trekking are most exciting package trekking in Nepal Himalayas.

Nepal trekking Itinerary

Nepal trek itinerary is depend on trekkers choice from 4 / 5 days to 35 days.  We have long and short treks in Nepal consequently Nepal trekking itineraries are generate according to  travelers holiday schedule .  we have 7 major trekking destination in Nepal and every route has minimum 7 to 10 different trekking routes so trekking length is  determine by travelers holiday duration .

Best seson for Nepal trekking tour

Autumn and spring are best season for Nepal trekking however Nepal package trekking doable around the year as per travelers holiday frame .  we have winter treks in Nepal near by Kathmandu valley such as around Kathmandu trek , Everest view trek , Annapurna Ghroepani poon hill trek and Annapurna panorama trekking.

Trekking in Nepal monsoon season also possible as we have rain shadow and less raining trekking zone such as Upper Mustang trekking trails, Manaslu trekking and Upper Dolpo trekking  it means Nepal trek for all season

Nepal trekking packing list 

Travelers should bring sufficient Nepal trekking equipment that help to reach the destination easily. The weather and temperature at Nepal trekking destination always changeable consequently need to bring enough gears as below mentioned:

  • Trekking bag pack
  • Waterproof cover for a daypack
  • Water bottles or hydration bladder (i.e., CamelBak)
  • Sleeping bag rated to -18°C/ 0°F (available for rental if you’re trekking Everest Base Camp through Himalaya Journey Trekking)
  • Trekking poles
  • Trekking boots
  • Headlamp with extra batteries
  • Lightweight water filter or iodine water tablets (personal preference)
  • Hand warmers
  • Travel pillow or pillowcase
  • Stuff sacks for dirty clothes/shoes
  • Sleeping bag liner (optional) Moisture-wicking long-sleeve t-shirts (2)
  • Moisture-wicking short-sleeve t-shirt (1)
  • Heavy fleece or down jacket
  • Gortex or waterproof jacket with hood
  • Windbreaker
  • Rain poncho
  • Fleece pants
  • Trekking pants (2)
  • Hiking shorts (2)
  • Waterproof pants
  • Long underwear (2)
  • Underwear (10)
  • Light inner gloves/glove liners
  • Insulated wool or down mittens/gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Broad-brimmed hat
  • Neck gaiter or bandana (for sun protection)
  • Wool hat or balaclava (should cover ears)
Nepal Trekking cost

Nepal trekking price is determined by the numbers of trekkers as well as private and group join basis trip. Also Nepal trekkign package cost is depending on choice of service budget and luxuries so cost for Nepal trekkign belongs to the service, accommodation and local trekking agent.

Guide and porter hiring service  is budget options. Trekking guide cost for Nepal treks USD 30 to 35 per day and Porter hiring service USD 25 to USD 28  but their insurance and local company service charge will be extra. 

Nepal package trek cost for Indian passport holders are cheaper then foreign nationals because of  cost quote on Nepalese rupees for Indian citizens.

How to choose the Best Nepal trekking agency for Nepal Treks ?

There are two types of  Nepal trekking company you can go with for your  Nepal trek packages – using a local company based in Nepal and foreign tour operators who co operate with local Nepal trekking agencies.
The most appropriate for the trekking in Nepal Himalayas  with Nepalese trekking agency might be reasonable cost as well as more secured trip.  

Treks in Nepal with government registered local Nepal trekking agency will be always secured and more remarkable trip as standpoint of always expert about Nepal Himalayas . Also need to look after all the legal documents that make confident of success Nepal treks. Suggested all travelers  do the Hiking in Nepal Himalaya  through government registered local Nepal trekking agency recommended by Lonely planet Nepal travel guide book for the secured journeys in Himalaya. Get the  instant Nepal  treks  information  call 977- 9851007829



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