Need to know before going  trekking in Nepal

Need to know before going trekking in Nepal


Need to know before going  trekking in Nepal
Everey trekkeres & adventure seekers to know before going  trekking in Nepal . Nepal trekking is one of the most exciting trip in Nepal Himalayas so simply trekkeres should have to attention in various matters as below mentioned:
01: Choose right / legal Nepal trekking company
 Nepal is hub destination for trekking in Nepal Himalayas & certainly many travelers want to make hiking trip in Nepal Himalayas  so for secure journeys travelers should choose the right / legal Nepal trekking company even announced that already registered 1984 trekking companis in Nepal it means not all the company fully legal. Trekkeres should have to know Nepal trekking companies legal documents associate with TAAN.( Trekking Agencies assocition of Nepal), Tourism Board (NTB) , company register, PAN, SSI,NMA, KEEP, NRB,etc.
02: Government liscense holder Nepal trekking guide
 While choose the fully legal Nepal trekking company & need to have fully government liscense holday Nepal trekking guide who can explain you about Nepal culutre, Nepal Himalayas as well as Nepal trekking trails with its features and advantage of trekking trip. Nepal trekking guide who have government license for trekking guide  help to you each and every things while trek with them as well as know the Himalayas better then nornal guide.
03: Trekking equipments & travel plan
All the trekkeres who wish to have amazing life time trekking in Nepal Himalaya , they should fully equiped by the personal trekking gears such as trekking boots/ shoes, sleeping bags, trekking poles, sun glass ,warm clothes, camera, sun creame etc as well trekking plan should be doable with fully enjoyable. Whatever you have trekking plan, we can create / generate trekking itinerary regards your time frame it means Nepal has 48 trekking destination as mentioned in Himalaya Journey Trekking homepage. 
04: Hotel accomodations & meals 
All most Nepal trekking trails has tea house / lodge except the some trekking destination of Nepal. On some remote treks, such as in the Far West or Far East, it’s necessary to stay at camp. On others, such as the Everest Base Camp trekking, Annapurna base camp trek , Langtang trekking  it’s possible to stay at quite luxurious places Whatever your budget or travel style, you’re likely to find an accommodation option to suit you while trekking in Nepal. Regarding the meals at least trekkers should have to eat enough while treks in Nepal because of  your meal take to your destination if you choose the right meals such as Nepalese Dal Bhat( Nepal national food) and other differnts meals.

05: Good physical fitness & Travel insurance
Good physical fitness is required to reach your trekking destination even though Nepal trekking companies generate trekking itinerary / plan generally / gradually slow ascents . Your health  / physical fitness play vital role to reach the destination. Your travel insurance is most important while you treks to Nepal because of if incase of high altitude sickness, any accidents or unexpected  events while you are in Himalayan trekking in Nepal thus trekkers should have travel or medical insurance entire their trekking in Nepal Himalayas. If you wish to know more trekking information : /