Mustang Jeep safari tour - Paradise found in Nepal

Mustang Jeep safari tour - Paradise found in Nepal

Mustang  Jeep safari tour - Paradise found in Nepal

In August/ September we made a journey to Upper Mustang in Nepal. It was an amazing journey back to ancient Tibet! With stunning nature, and very friendly people. The area is mainly Tibetan Buddhist, with monasteries and gompas scattered all over. Upper Mustang allow only 3000 tourists a year, and there is a 500USD entrance fee.
As you are obliged to have a guide/organized trip to that part of the former kingdom of Mustang, we used Himalaya Journey Treks & Expedition. We all agreed that it was a very good choice. The information on beforehand was relevant and to the point, our guide was very helpful, and took good care of us during the entire trip. The company, and the guide, was also flexible to meet our demands during the journey. The owner ,Mr Ram Pahari, is the most professional and friendly person. There are companies that are less expensive, but be aware; this companies often have no insurance for their guides and porters, and often pay no governmental tax.

Erik Aaberg , Bjorn, Carl & Ivar Gammelmo – Norway

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