Things to know about Dolpo Trekking

Things to know about Dolpo Trekking

Dolpo Trekking Introduction

Upper Dolpo trekking is one of the most exciting trekking tour in Nepal Himalayas. Nepal has many hidden treasures to offer. From the highest peaks of the world to the flat land of terai has a lot to offer including many endangered wild lives and many flora and faunas. Nepal Includes high snow-capped mountains along with wild desert vegetation on the windward side of mountains like mustang and Dolpa region. Luxury Dolpo trek is one of the most wild barren land in the western part of the Country. Dolpa District is the biggest district of Nepal with an area of 7889 sq. Km. Furthermore, the cultural and traditional in the country is wide and vast that you will experience in this trek. Dolpa region is not regarded as the most famous trekking destination of the country like Annapurna and Everest Region. Trekking in the Dolpo region lets you experience one of the most unique lifestyle of the people living in those regions with an amazing view of mountain ranges.


Dolpa district lies in the northwest region of Nepal around the area of the western part of the Annapurna Conservation area including the most beautiful Shey Phoksundo National Park region. This region is therefore famous for its unique offerings of flora and fauna. Dolpo national park is considered as one of the most isolated trekking experience in Nepal. In this trekking experience, you can many monumental moments along with traditional values. Most devotees visit the famous Tripura Devi temple mostly in the season of festivals. It is believed that Tripura Devi makes your wishes fulfilled. Therefore, worshipping there is regarded very ritualistic. Most devotees visit this temple at around Dashain Festivals which falls on around September month of the year.


Dolpo Region is mostly influenced by the people following Tibetan Culture as people from this region is mostly connected to Tibet for trades and day to day activities. The majority of tourists trekking in the Dolpo region explores the Shey Phoksundo National Park and the very beautiful Phoksundo Lake. This region is connected to the rest of the country via a small one runway airport, Jufal Airport. It is around 30 mins flight time from Nepaljung Airport.


Dolpo is mostly famous for its unique mountainous terrain which makes it difficult to connect with the roadways it is still isolated because of its topography. This region is one of the least populated regions in the country. According to the census report in 2011, the total population of this region is around 32000, in the area of 6% area of the total country.trekking in Dolpo is a great opportunity to observe and experience a religion whose origins predate Buddhism. In many other parts of Nepal, like Mustang for example- the modern form of Bon is also officially accepted as a fifth school of Tibetan Buddhism. This is the place for supreme perception if the Tibetan culture and Nepali culture combined. 


A narrative documentary was made by a french movie that produces Eric Vallie in this region. This documentary was based on the salt exchange and day by day way of life of people in the Dolpo region. This made the Dolpo region more popular to the outer world.beside that the Himalayan Messi who played football in the Mugu region made this area more exposed to the world. Mostly ignored by the tourism sector of Nepal, Dolpo sector naturally has a lot to offer in the tourism sector. 


This trek offers you a day at the Shey Phoksundo lake which is the most profound lake in Nepal. It has a unique color and feature of color-changing character which makes this lake look more attractive. Spread in an area of 4.94 sq. km. this lake has a trekking and cycling trail around for exploring. Moreover the vegetation and jeopardized types of Himalayan Creatures make it more interesting during the trek.


Marvel Treks offers the immense trails to investigate the area. If you have a short trekking occasion then you can pick the Lower Dolpo Trek.


Geography of Dolpo Trek

Dolpo Region Geologically is a part of in between the Tibetan Plate and the Indian Plate. Dolpo Region is surrounded by the Himalayan mountain chain that includes view of the mountain ranges like Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna Ranges. Similar to Mustang, Dolpo region is also the windward side of the Mountains. Historically, Dolpo valley is divided into four separate valleys- the Tarap (“the auspicious excellence”), the Tsharka (also referred to as “the good growing place”), the Nangkhong (“the innermost place”) and the Panzang (“The abode of the monks”).

This region is drained by the Bheri River which originates in Dhaulagiri Region. Which is the major territory of the Karnali River, Karnali River is the longest river in Nepal.


View from highlighted place

Dolpo region trek includes views of different flora and fauna along with barren lands.
Whereas views of mountain ranges like the Annapurna Range and Dhaulagiri Range adds additional pleasure to your eyes. Moreover, the Dolpo region offers a close view of Kanjirowa Himal which is imprinted on Rs. 5 Nepali note by the late King Mahendra.


Dolpo Region Equipment list 

  • Insulated Hiking boots with warm trekking socks.
  • Waterproof and Insulated Gloves.
  • Woolen Hat
  • Puffet woolen jacket with attached hood.
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket with attached hood.
  • Hard Shell Pants.
  • Waterproof and windproof pants.
  • Crompton for attaching to shoes.
  • Trekking stick and ice stick.
  • Ice axe, Avalanche shovel, beacon, and probe for guides or at least one with the team.