Tenzing Hillary Airport Detail Information

Tenzing Hillary Airport Detail Information

The Tenzing Hillary Airport Lukla is popular as the most dangerous airport in the world. This most frightening airport is located in the town of Lukla, Solukhumbu district of eastern Nepal. It is well known as Lukla Airport. Because the airport is the gateway to the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest, and is also the gateway to the Everest Base Camp, it has gained high popularity.

As the airport is just a 40 minutes' flight from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, it is one of the most remote tourist destinations of Nepal. The airport is located on the elevation of 2860 meters. Due to the strong wind that blows in the airport's high altitude, it is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Also, the low clouds and harsh weather conditions make it difficult and dangerous for the flights.


One of the dangerous airports in the world

The Tenzing Hillary Airport of Lukla is the most dangerous airport in the world. Even if the airport is just a few minutes' flights from the capital city of Nepal, the airport is very dangerous. The runway of the airport is very short.

The short runway is one of the riskiest, as described before. The airport altitude is also a  huge problem along with the runway. It is difficult for the pilots to land on the big hill right behind the strip at the airport. The pilot should know about a high ridge and go down steeply, straightening the aircraft before landing in order to land safely at the airport.  Navigation is becoming an immense challenge, as the layers of clouds are mostly around the valley. Therefore, flights in Lukla is sometimes cancelled. The pilots have to be more specialist, since the route is an incline. Pilots need to become better informed of and need more experience than other pilots if they are to land safely in Lukla.

Here are some of the details you have to discover about Lukla airport before you take a trip.

The runway of Tenzing Hillary Airport is very short. As the town of Lukla lies in the Hilly region of Nepal, this airport's runway is also short and risky. The runway track at this airport has a very short length of only about 1500 feet. The runway is very short and has upward slopes, too. The airport is not secure at all, although the upward slopes allow fast and rapid landing. There is also only one runway, which may sometimes make it difficult to handle flights. The pilots and flight attendants do not get enough time when the weather is severe.

The runway of the airport is short and inclined. You can see that the runway is inclined and surrounded by mountains when you arrive at the landing point at Lukla airport the gateway to all kind of adventures like Island Peak Climbing and Mountain Expedition. The length of the runway is only around 527 meters, and there are slopes upwards, so it is short of providing safe, quick, and smooth landing.


Fly over a mountain pass

The flight to the Tenzing Hillary Airport will require to pass through a mountain pass. The mountain pass is also one of the major highlights of the flight. Before landing at the airport, the flyers pass through two majestic and beautiful mountains, which is a thrilling experience. Although the flight is dangerous, it gives a lifetime experience as it takes through the beautiful mountain pass. Also, you will get to explore the beauty of the Himalayas closely through the mountain pass. Therefore, landing at the airport is very adventurous.

Weather Conditions of the Tenzing Hillary Airport

As the weather in Lukla and the Everest region continues to change, sometimes the climate can be harsh. Thus, the flight is always canceled. So, passengers trying to reach the flight frequently have to wait for the flight to take off for their switch. It is normal for passengers to wait and brace for a long time for the flight to Lukla to take off.

Hence, Tenzing Hillary Airport is frightening. Although frightening, the flight to the airport is adventurous and breath taking. The flight to the airport can let the flyers to explore the beauty of the Hills and the majestic Himalayas of Nepal. Because of the steep and short runway and the weather conditions that keep on changing, the airport is considered as the most dangerous airport in the world. However, the flight attendants make sure that you land in the airport safely. So, you do not need to worry at all about safety. But, flight cancellations can be a problem sometimes.