Supper service highly recommended

Supper service Highly recommended

Supper service Highly recommended !

What an exciting adventure to arrive in Nepal, it was such as a happy friendly welcome ! Thank you for organizing all of the drivers, events and activities. Discovering something for the first time is always memorable –that for helping me create some beautiful memories of Nepal- Celeste Krochak  
Wow! What a great adventure! Thank you for organizing such a fantastic trip. You were accommodating, flexible and always ready to help. The trip itinerary you provided were great! So many wonderful memories to leave with – trekking, rafting, chitwan, the living goddess. Thank you for an unforgettable trip. Nepal is amazing place. I can’t wait to return!

Supper service highly recommended

Janice Hutton , Celeste Krochak, Ali H. Monari & Sheima  -  Canada & Iran

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