Nepal trekking tour

Nepal trekking tour

Nepal trekking tour is one of the exciting adventure trips for the tourist to explore the Nepal Himalayan trekking destination. Trekking in Nepal Himalaya take trekkers high Himalayan base camp, passes and discover the all-Nepal treks with Himalayan glaciers.  Known as a Himalayan country , 48 Nepal trekking routes lies on east to west and north to south  among them Everest trekking , Annapurna trekking ,  Langtang trekking , Mustang trekking, Manaslu trekking , Kanchenjunga trekking and Dolpo trekking  are most popular trekking destination in Nepal.  While Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgey Sherpa successfully summit the Mount Everest expedition 8848m on 29th May 1953 than Nepal trekking packages become most common trip for the tourist. More than 70% tourist visit in Nepal for trekking and rest for Nepal tours , Jungle safari, river rafting and other adventure trip in Nepal. Hiking in Nepal Himalaya is a bucket list of  all trekkers and adventure seekers. Nepal is landlocked country surrounding by Himalayas and among the 14th above 8000 meters mountains 8 above 8000 meters mountains lies in the country including tallest Mt. Everest 8848 m. Having various options Nepal trekking routes, travelers may join for long and short trekking in Nepal Himalayas. All most Nepal trekking destination fit for both novice and experienced trekkers. 

Nepal hiking tour is one of the most popular tourism activities in the nation and thousands of trekkers participate annually participiate for Nepal Himalaya trekking. Treks in Nepal doable whole year as it has applicable trekking trails. Nepal trekkin permit is required for all destination and issue by through local Nepal travel companies. Treks in Nepal Himalaya routes categorized in two different category – Regular or normal and controlled trekking destination. Normal trekking destination trekkers may participate individually  such as Everest trekking routes, Annapurna trek , Langtang trek and controlled trekking required special trekking permit through registered trekking agents in Nepal  such as Mustang trek, Manaslu trek, Kanchenjunga trek, Dolpo trek . For the restricted trekking destination necessary minimum two person to obtain the Nepal trekking permit.   It means individual person are not allowed to trekking in restricted areas.  Mustang trekking permit cost USD 500 Dollars per person for 10 days and each extended day cost USD 50 similarly Dolpo region.  For Kanchenjunga  and Manaslu trekking permit cost USd 100 per person for one week and extended each day cost USD15 per person.

Autumn and Spring seaons are best time trekking tour in Nepal however doable around the year as per travelers wish and holiday frame. we do have witner trekking in Nepal as well as monsoon season too.  Nepal trekking tour cost is depend on numbers of the participant as well as choice of the packages.  Nepal trekking agencies escort your trekking in Nepal around the year as per travelers choice. Solo trekers are ban in Nepal for trekking in Annapurna , Everest , Langtang region , and other Nepal trekking trails implemented by government of Nepal from 1st April 2022 however  trekkers are joining trekking in Nepal Himalayas individually. For controlled trekking destinations still mandatory join through government registered Nepal trekking companies to issue the special permits for Mustang trekking route , Manaslu trekking trails, Kanchenjunga trekking trails and Upper Dolpo trekking route.

Nepal treks doable from 3 days up to 35 days as per trekkers choice and holiday frame. Good physical fitness is essential and autumn, spring are best months treks in Nepal Himalayas. Trek to Nepal itinerary designed with applicable version to reach the destination. If you are surfing trekking in Nepal for beginners, trekkers will obtain numerous trails and Nepal travel companies will help your adventure treks in Nepal Himalaya where you want to go and which trekking destination will applicable for you.  Thousands of Trekking agencies in Nepal and Nepal travel agency ready help for your adventure trekking in Nepal Himalaya but need to know in details legal registered Nepal tour operators for the secured journeys in Himalayas. If you surfing in Google , Yahoo, MSN, bing or any other search engine a lots of Nepal trek operator display their homepage at once but need to know the best local trekking companies in Kathmandu for the remarkable trip.

Trekking agencies association of Nepal ( TAAN) is umbrella organization of  Nepal travel agents so trekkers carefully look enlisted  agency for the safety trekking in Nepal Himalaya. Lonely planet Nepal travel guide book also enlisted best  trekking agencies so suggested for all lover book the trip with them for comfortable trekking tour in Nepal Himalaya.  Now a days almost Nepal package trekking tour doable in Tea house or lodge trekking except the Upper Dolpo trekking and API Himal trekking but trekkers may join for Nepal tented trekking for luxurious adventure trekking in Nepal.  Nepal treks cost is depend on group size and choice of Nepal trekking route.  All Nepal region map has clearly described about relevant areas . If you are looking best trekking agency in Kathmandu, advise to visit in Lonely planet trekking in Nepal Himalaya guide book.

Nepal Trekking tour  Major highlights

  • Explore the geological divers low altitude to alpine region trip with splendid Himalayan views of different Nepal trekking destination.
  • Hiking in Nepal Himalayas are always incredible journeys that take travelers high Himalayan base camp , high Himalayan passes and isolation wilderness experience of Nepl
  • Nepal trekking tour doable around the year for juniors , adult and seniors however novice trekkers also join for the exclusive trekking holidays in Nepal.
  • Immersing  the trekking in Nepal Himalayas travelers bucket list among the Everest base camp trekking top 2nd position and Annapurna circuit trekking is top 10th position trekking in the world

Nepal Trekking tour information 

Travelers get Nepal trekking tour information through Lonley planet guide book Nepal, Rough guide booking Nepal , Nepal travel portal site, Nepal trekking operator through their webpage  besides travelers may join directly government registered local trekking agency in Kathmandu

Now a days travelers easily get whole Nepal treks information in different search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN , Instagra, AOl and other travel guide book too.  More then 230 Nepal trekking package available from all over Nepal Himalayas.

Nepal Trekking Destination 

Tally as Himalayan country and among the  14 above 8000 meters mountains ,8 above 8000 meters mountains lies in Nepal.   Having 48 trekking destinations in Nepal  difficult to choose the Nepal treks destination but without doubt trekkers may join the adventure trip wherever you prefer such as Everest region trekking , Annapurna region trekking, Langtang region trekking, Mustang region trekking, Manaslu region trekking, Kanchenjunga region trekking and Trekking in Dolpo region .

We do have non touristy trekking destination too such as Ganesh Himal, Rolwaling , Api Himal, Simikot Limi valley,  Bhairvav Kuda , panch pokharai , Apil Himal, Sailung trekking too. Trekkers may choose the  Nepal package trekking through Himalaya Journey Trekking where you get all details information for every relevant areas.

Nepal Trekking permits 

All Nepal trekking route necessary trek permit individually and through Nepal travel agencies.  For normal Nepal trek route such as Everest , Annapurna and Langtang route will get individually at  Nepal tourism board Bhrikuti Mandap Kathmandu .

For restricted Nepal trekking trails such as Mustang  trekking, Manaslu trekking, Kanchenjunga trekking and Dolpo trekking required special trekking permit apply by local Nepal trekking companies under the rule and regulation of Department of immigration Nepal. It is compulsion for trekkers to issue the permit through the company if you choose controlled trekking trails.

Four  different Nepal treks permit essential as per choice of the treks destination – National park permit , Conservation permits, TIMS permits and special trekking permits.  Conservation and National park permit cost USD 30 per person and TIMS permit cost USD 20 per person each trekking .For restricted trekking permit cost 100 $ Dollar minimum and  USD 500 maximum.

Nepal Trekking tour cost 

Nepal trekking price is depend on the numbers of the trekkers , length of the  trekking package and choice of the service deluxe or normal. Due to the Nepal flight ticket cost and trekking permit commonly say that Nepal trekking cost is slightly expensive .

Some of the Nepal trekking destination has luxuries hotel accommodation thus simply trip cost high such as luxury Everest base camp trek , Luxury Mustang trekking , luxury Annapurna base camp trek etc where you will get 5 star hotel accommodation.   Some of the trekking routes like Kanchenjunga base camp trekking costly because of length of trekking itinerary.  

However , Trekking tour in Nepal with local Nepal travel agency always support with best value of money which is depend on the service too. The conclusion is Nepal trekking tour cost is not high though budget traveler may join for Nepal trekking tour packages .


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About Nepal Travel Author:

Mr. Ram Bahadur pahari hold the Master’s degree in sociology and Tourism from Tri Chandra University Nepal. Experiencing with different fields ( Teacher , police inspector , Bistro business), and in 1992 join in tourism sector and  in 2000 become a tenure of  Himalaya Journey Trekking - 

He has published numerous travel articles of Nepal. Being a social fellowship and depth experienced of Nepal trekking and tourism fields mostly travel blogs are help for tourist, how to visit in Nepal and explore the nation’s culture, nature and adventure destination from low land Terai 100m  to up to tallest Mt. Everest 8848m.

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