Dashain Festival Nepal 2021

Dashain Festival Nepal 2021

The Dashain festival is one of the most popular Hindu festivals celebrated all over Nepal. Dashain is the longest festival in Nepal & 10 days celebrated festival in Nepal. Dashain festivals are celebrated in India, Bhutan, Sikkim, Assam, etc. Dashain runs from the “bright moon” until the full moon in the Hindu month of Ashvin,(October). It's originally from Hinduism to celebrate that Shiva’s wife Parvati, incarnating as the goddess of war Durga and holding weapons of the gods, fought against the buffalo demon Mahishasura for 9 days, and finally slew the demon on the 10th day. Dashain festival calls the victory festival with the demon Maishasura.

This festival celebrates receive Tika ( red powder / Abir and rice) from the elders/relatives and got blessings and best wishes for life. The Hindu goddess Durga (The Universal Mother of Goddess)  had a 10 days long fight with the evil king and got victory over the Mahisasura on the 10th  day. That’s why Dashain is also celebrated in the whole 10 days and especially worship goddess Durga at this time.

Nepal Dashin festival date declared by Hindu calendar month of Asoj / Kattik – October / November. During the Dashain festival, all governments official, the commercial sectors will be closed, so the tourist will need to plan ahead carefully for the Nepal trip.  Autumn ( September, October, November) & Spring ( March, April) are the best months of visit in Nepal for Nepal Himalaya trekking and another package trip in Nepal which assemble during the Dashain festival.

 Even those of other faiths, however, can learn of the Nepali culture and enjoy a memorable experience during the Dashain festival. Be sure to book your flight early who are aboard, however, Nepali people from all over the world will be booking the flight ticket in advance.

Following are Dashain Festival date for 2021:

12th October 2021  Tuesday          Fulpati

13th October 2021  Wednesday    Maha Ashtami

14th October 2021   Thursday       Maha Navami

15th October 2021   Friday         Vijaya Dashami (Main day of Dashain Festival)

16th  October 2021  Saturday       Ekadashi

17th  October 2021  Sunday        Dwadashi

If travelers / trekkers interested for join to celebrate the Nepalese Dashain festival with Himalaya Journey Team, we are heartily welcome / invite tourist with memorable celebration.