Best time to go trekking in Nepal

Best time to go trekking in Nepal

Best time to go trekking in Nepal & Best trekking season in Nepal information

When Visit in Nepal? When is the best time to go trekking in Nepal? The best answer is late autumn(September to late November)  and early spring ( Mid February to mid April) to will be the best time of the year for trekking in Nepal Himalaya with clear weather and less precipitation are ideal for mountain trekking in Nepal. Hiking in Nepal Himalaya is an experience of a lifetime and recurring your dream back to Nepal again and again thus fits with slogan “Naturally Nepal once is not enough” . we are friendly saying that Nepal for all season.

Autumn Trekking season in Nepal

Autumn ( September, October and November ) are  considered the best trekking season in Nepal. During the  Autumn in Nepal  moderate temperatures and pretty excellent time for Nepal  trekking and mountain expedition as well as incredible Himalayan views with cleared from the atmosphere by the monsoon. The temperature in the upper hill and lower mountains reach approximately  10-22ºC during the autumn season  

Spring Trekking season in Nepal

Spring is 2nd perfect season to treks in Nepal. This season has warmer temperatures, blossoming flora, and temperate days. Early spring tends to be a bit chilly but in mid of spring season is best for Nepal Himalayan expedition.  During the  spring season Rhododendron  blossoming  and giving the landscape a radiant and vibrant consistency. Temperatures in upper hill and lower mountain ranges reach between  approximately 12-20ºC during the spring season.

For decide the best time to trek in Nepal is difficult even autumn and spring season is best time treks in Nepal Himalaya. Winter trekking in Nepal (Dec to Jan) doesn't bring much snow, but it is chilly ,cover up warm while trek in Nepal Himalayas. Monsoon trekking in Nepal (May to August) , you can trekking in Nepal rain shadow zone such as Mustang trekking and participate for Tibet tour. Nepal tour operators arrange your adventure package trip in Nepal as per your holiday schedule it mean Nepal trekking fit for any time of year it mean every season is trekking season in Nepal.

Best time to go trekking in Nepal major highlights

*Nepal is best destinations for trekking in Nepal Himalaya in every season ( Autumn, Spring, Monsoon & winter season.
* Regular Nepal trek destination such as Everest trekking, Annapurna trekking, Langtang trekking, Manaslu trekking , Kanchenjunga trekking ,Mustang trekking trails are best time to visit in Autumn and spring season but all above trekking route doable monsoon too.
* Nepal has various options for monsoon and winter trekking in Nepal Himalaya so travelers may choose easily as per their holiday frame.
* Nepal for all season so any type of trekking in Nepal doable around the year.